"Highly recommend Fullmetal gunsmith shop out of Melbourne, 321-507-7113. The owner Jerry Kelley (Master Gunsmith) has over 25 years experience in the business and excellent customer service."  C.A.- Florida

"The best trapdoor smith I know is a fellow named Jerry Kelley, of Omaha, NE back in the '90s. I don't have any recent contact info on him but a call to Directory Assistance might yield results. He and his knowledge impressed me back then, and I ain't easy to impress."   J.D. Steele  - ASSRA Forums

"Jerry saved my a** when I failed at trying to install a new hand grip. The gun came all apart. I was about to mail it back to Ruger. Thank you..."  Lou - Florida

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It came in and looks to be functioning great. I will be doing a post on the S&W forum I frequent after I shoot a few rounds and get some pictures. I’d like to reference your good service and contact info if you don’t mind. There have been several posts lately regarding service on these old handguns and the lack of real gunsmiths."  Rick-Ohio

"I brought you my Springfield 1911 due to feeding problems. I had one working magazine and four non-working magazines. I went to the range yesterday and lo and behold, after your feed ramp polishing and throating I now have five reliable working magazines . Thanks for making my erratic 1911 a reliable gun that is a pleasure to shoot."  Ed Armstrong,  -Florida

"I like the work he does and I'm a discriminating user of tactical weapons. Next week I'm going to get my DS Arms FAL trigger worked on."  J.K.  Florida

"Keith, try Jerry Kelley@ 6223 S. 142nd St, Omaha, NE 68137 phone (402) 894-5404. This info is 8 yrs old & so may no longer be valid but might be worth a try.Jerry builds BPCR rifles among other things & has built several on low wall actions. My (very knowledgeable & experienced) friend KelleyO in CA has one of Jerry's rifles and is impressed, and I was also impressed by my dealings with Jerry. And as I told Kelley, I ain't easy to impress."

J.D. Steele  - ASSRA Forums