Trigger and Action Work

-S&W, Ruger & Colt revolver tuning, trigger work

-1911 accurizing and trigger work

-Glocks, of course, who doesn't work on Glocks

-Lever rifle action and trigger jobs

-Bolt rifle truing, accurizing and blueprinting

-Ruger #1 accurizing and speed locking

-Aftermarket spring and trigger kits fitted & installed


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General Gunsmithing

From simple cleanings and scope mounting to rebarreling, accurizing and full custom builds, I try to offer everything our fathers and grandfathers could have gotten back in the day when skilled craftsmen were more common.  Bench work is my bread and butter, and I pursue it with a passion to be the best.

                                          Shop Rates

Labor rate          

Machine rate 

Minimum repair charge

Minimum walk-in repair charge

Written estimate of repair  (applied to work) 

*Prices subject to change without notice

A few words about services  I  DO NOT  provide.

Research and Appraisals

Historical Research of all firearms and     related hardware and literature.

Formal appraisals on company letterhead by a firearms EXPERT (Not an estate liquidator)   *See Blog page.

Collections purchased and consignment sales.

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Single Shot Rifles

I'm a Schuetzen and BPCR enthusiast and have built several of each.  I intimately understand the workings of all the classic American single shot actions and consider myself an authority on their function and repair.

1911 Colt and Clones

All work performed - from trigger jobs and feeding tune-ups to accurizing and full custom builds

Slides machined for any sights



Jeweling or Engine Turning

Shotgun and rifle bolts, extractors and followers.  Revolver hammers and triggers and other appropriate parts professionally jeweled.

Stippling of almost any wood stock is also available.

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Stock Work

-Repair of original wood is my specialty

-Recoil pads, LOP changes, comb and butt  hardware installed

-Bedding, floating and rail hardware installed

-Restocking from semi-inlet, pre-fit or blank

-Refinishing: everything from basic Hunter type to best quality London oil.

Sight and Scope Work

-From simple sight swaps to Bomar cuts in 1911 slides - we do it all

-Shotgun combat and tactical sights

-Rifle barrel and receiver sights

-Unertl scopes mounted (and understood)

-Springfield 1903 drilled & tapped for bases

-Vintage sights like the awesome Giles at left, cleaned, adjusted and repaired

Antique Firearms

-Replace missing wood, inlays and lock parts

-Fit & finish reproduction parts

-Ramrods made and aged to match your gun

-Mechanical rebuilds of worn & neglected treasures

-Flintlock re-conversions

-Extensive resources for antique parts

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Modern Sporting

All work on AR, AK & FAL platform rifles

Headspace, function and safety check on home  builds.

FAL, M1, M1A, Mini-14, etc. trigger work

Heat syncs/cooling fans installed on AR barrels.

Barrel threading, pinning, welding, can mounts, etc.

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Machine Work

-Rebarreling, rechambering, cut and crown, relining

-Threading for brakes, flashes and cans

-Blind pinning and welding of muzzle devices

-Ramped barrels & slide cuts in 1911s

-Sako style extractors in M-700s

-Ballard Rimfire Extractors Installed in Your Barrel

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I DON'T ENGRAVE                      But I wish I had that talent

I DON'T MAKE BARRELS           But I know some good barrel makers

I DON'T SELL AMMO                 That would be Space Coast Bullets, right across the street

I DON'T SELL GUNS                   I don't even try to compete with my dealer friends, I'm service only

I DON'T SELL PARTS                  Never, ever, for several reasons-  Liability not the least of which


Raven, Lorcin, Jennings-Bryco, Hi-point, Jeminez  or  similar  pistols

Rossi and Charter Arms revolvers

Antique top break revolvers except S&W and Merwin & Hulbert

Taurus anything (they have a great factory warranty program)

Noble, High Standard or Stevens M-67 pump shotguns

Tec or Mac anything

Anything I determine to be unsafe