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Expeditious Field Repairs

If I had saved every stove bolt and coil of baling wire I've pulled off of a firearm over the years, I would probably have enough metal to cast a stove.

The story almost never goes "Grandpa wasn't very handy so when he broke this he just carefully put all the pieces away until he could get it to a real gunsmith". 

Don't get me wrong, I love my customers, especially the ones who break their guns.  And I love self sufficiency and the do-it-yourself spirit, but stove bolts are for stoves...

Well, a real gunsmith has it now.  Everything will be OK.



A customer recently brought in an 1866 Winchester he had  purchased as a Henry because an appraiser friend with 30+ years in estate sales had identified it as such. The difference in value between a Henry and a '66 in similar condition is not insignificant, and this investment is probably "underwater," to use the currently popular real estate term.

Almost anyone, and certainly most appraisers, can accurately use price guides and comparable sales to give ballpark values for firearms.  But if the gun isn't identified correctly as to model, type, and condition, the appraisal isn't worth the paper its printed on.  Let a firearms expert appraise your guns.

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